cheap liquor and cigarettes

What's not worth remembering is better forgotten


A battle fought forĀ 
A heart unwilling
The dust settles


Your time.

Your time is a gift I treasure
Keep it to yourself
If you’re going to purposely leave the price tag on

Cold Night.


Unfiltered thoughts condense

To whist whispers

You wish you didn’t hear

Too cold of a night

For feelings to stay as they are

As vague as they are

As foolish as they are

As vulnerable as I am

Too cold of a night

I wish they stayed as they were

Gregory and the Hawk- Boats and Birds

Gregory and the Hawk- Boats and Birds:

Their little princess.


Papa’s a drunkard
Mama’s a whore
They say, “Don’t work the pole.”

Winter Morning.


A winter’s morn
The sky as grey as
The hearts of those who have(n’t) loved



Two carnations bloom
In the summer light
Cue a jealous monsoon